Happy 93rd Birthday!

Today Nancy Drew is celebrating her birthday! Now our favorite character is 93 years old 🎂

The heroine has become a phenomenon in literature and has evolved over almost a century. How many girls and boys wanted to be like her — brave, savvy, with their own opinions and curious. Her role detective image is still popular.

The games series helped to make Nancy more popular. We learned a lot of interesting cultural and historical facts, and also tried detective tricks to feel kinship with Ms. Drew.

🧹 The content editor, for example, in her childhood tried to find out the password from the computer by putting powder dust on the keyboard :)) Yes, just like in the “Treasure of the Royal Tower.”

🔍 The team leader walked around with a magnifying glass and imagined the game interface around him.

🫖 One of the graphic artists in his childhood liked to take teas, mixing them in one mug, as if in a “Danger by Design.”

Be honest, who tried to turn Nancy Drew games into life? 😀