HeR Interactive Revealed The First Character From #ND34!

The fans were right, and the new Nancy Drew birthday video really came out on a specialty schedule! SPOILER: there is still NO title or trailer from the new game. However, we got more interesting details!

At the beginning of the video, Brittany Cox revealed that they are recording voices for a new Nancy Drew game, and gave us a brief introduction.

First, the voice actors of Ned Nickerson, Hardy Boys and Carson Drew are taking part in the voice acting of the new game. Unfortunately, there’s no information will they be real characters or phone friends.

We were also introduced with the first game character — Radek. This is a Slavic name of Czech origin, and according to some theories, Prague can became a new Nancy’s destination to solve the case.

At the end of the video, Brittany once again congratulated Nancy Drew with her birthday and said that we will soon know more about new #ND34 characters.

And that's where the news ends. Stay tuned!