Newsletter from HeR Interactive

We were waiting for this... And it finally happened! There are news about the 34th Nancy Drew game! 🕵🏼‍♀️

Sorry for the loud headline, although it's almost true :)HeR Interactive newsletter subscribers received the unusual email today. The letter said that Nancy Drew will celebrate her 93rd birthday this month debuted on April 28, 1930. Along the way are invited to buy merch items, and then — the most interesting. And no less mysterious:

🗝 Games Trivia with highlighted letters in the text and on the backgrounds of the old and known ND games. Is everything old and known? In the one picture there is a barely visible castle, which, it seems, we haven't seen before.

If you put all the letters together, you get the word thirty-four. An obvious allusion to the 34th part.Do you remember our news about "The Mystery of the Seven Keys" title patent by HeR?

🔎 Next in the newsletter is a sheet of paper with the text “It's your day. Saturday, April 1st, Morning". And there's a camera icon. If you click a picture, you'll be redirected to Nancy Drew PC Games page in Instagram. And... there's not any post!

They had about thousands post, and now all them gone. Maybe it's a joke? Or maybe they did it on purpose?

📜 The last one is the final letter on recognizable paper with which the reader wrote Nancy's old cases. There, on her own behalf, she expressed her gratitude to us, the fans, for her devoted support in the investigation of so many years.

At the end, she writes that ... she packs her bags and comes to a new business!

It would be observed, where even more joyful? You have been hacked ("you have been hacked"). And this is strange, because the site does not say anything about it.

Here's the news, Clue Crew! Is this a joke or true? All presenters are well aware that today is April Fool's Day. It would be cruel to joke with such a loss of loyal fans. We believe that this is a clear hint for a new part :)

Stay tuned! We will keep up to date with the news.