The Making of a Girl Detective #9

About Nancy and fashion through the decades: war and cinema.

We remind you that in honor of the upcoming birthday of Nancy Drew, we will publish short articles and interesting facts from the past of the book series during the week.


The sixties was a period of great social change, which was reflected in all areas of life.

At the beginning of the sixties, Nancy and her friends sported A-line dresses and skirts, crisp cotton blouses, cardigans, and capri pants. By the end of the decade, miniskirts, hot pants, tent dresses, and bellbottoms in wild patterns were the clothing of choice for a good deal of the younger population.

For part of the sixties, the bouffant hairdo was the "in" style. The top of the hair was teased to form a bubble, while the rest fell to the chin or shoulder and curled dramatically up or under. Later in the decade, bobs and Twiggy-style dos became popular.

Music ran the gamut from the Beatles to Motown to electrified rock and roll to folk, and late in the decade lyrics became a vehicle for political expression.

People read books about astrology and horoscopes, and Nancy suspected that many of her cases involved fake hauntings and spirits because the culprits had such ready access to information on the supernatural!