The Making of a Girl Detective #10

About Nancy and fashion through the decades: war and cinema.

We remind you that in honor of the upcoming birthday of Nancy Drew, we will publish short articles and interesting facts from the past of the book series during the week.


During the seventies, the push was on for more rights for women, and the environmental movement launched with the first-ever Earth Day. Nancy got her own chance to study the environment when her travels took her to a sheep ranch, a pearl farm, a desert archeological site, and an island teeming with crocodiles!

At the start of the seventies, young women wore long skirts and dresses, vests, ponchos, and ethnic-inspired clothing in natural fabrics. With the advent of disco music, styles began to change. Stretchy, shiny polyester was everywhere, sewn up into everything from jumpsuits to dresses. Hair was long and straight, cut into a shag, or worn in an Afro.

Television sitcoms that explored social issues, such as All in the Family, were popular, as were nostalgic shows including Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, and Happy Days — but Nancy preferred to tune in to her favorite detective programs instead: Columbo, Kojak, and Barnaby Jones!