Meet the Updated Fan Kit!


Hey Clue Crew, our Nancy Drew website has just been updated with new resources for creating your own designs using recognizable elements. Here's what's now available:

★ Game Kits: Folders on our Google Drive containing blank backgrounds of game covers and their logos in PSD format. These provide unlimited possibilities for creativity—you can change or remove any logo effects as you wish. Currently available only for games starting from Danger by Design.

★ New logos: Gold and purple logos from the Mystery of the Seven Keys are now available, along with a text logo of the game in Flashlight style.

★ Special logos: The Nancy Drew logo with a gold outline from Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED and a text version of the retro logo are now accessible.

★ Clean cover arts: High-resolution cover arts of KEY, SEA, and MID (without silhouette) are available for downloading.

★ More game logos now available in Ukrainian, Kazakh and Russian!

Use these assets for your fan art, set them as your wallpaper, and tag us. Our designers will be pleased 😊