THE MONTH — September 2023

Hey, Clue Crew! We hope that your weekend and vacation went great, because we have a digest on the latest news from HeR Interactive! Sit back, and we'll start.


Since mid-August, key employees of the marketing department, to whom we should be grateful for such an intriguing announcement of the future game about Nancy, began to release videos with answers to fan questions that could be asked to the team in @nancydrewpcgames profile stories.

In the second part, Roo, Brighella and Indy answered various questions. For example, they relate more to "Team Frank" or "Team Ned." Most were for "Team Ned," but not the @nancydrewglobal team! Fans also asked if HeR team played Nancy games together. The answer is yes, including testing of the game Mystery of the Seven Keys. The HeR Interactive team also discussed their favorite games among new and old.

New Facts and Weekend Puzzle in ASB

September 15 at Amateur Sleuth Blog on the HeR Interactive website was published an article with a continuation of the answers to fans' questions. From the interior:

  • Indy read every email with feedback on the Midnight in Salem game to highlight what the players liked the most and what they didn't like.
  • ND34 will have a reference to the Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake game. It is known that Brittany Cox recorded one of the cult phrases of this game, which promises to be truly exciting and uNhInGeD 👀
  • George Fayne is coming back! Nancy's friend decided not to stay with her mother in River Heights while she was looking after Togo, and flew to Prague.

Also at the end of the article, Indy left a so-called Weekend Puzzle for fans. The answers were supposed to be three YouTube videos, which we will talk about below.

Second Chance?

The first video after the weekend on the HeR YouTube channel was the announcement of the return of good and bad news on the second chance screen. The one when Nancy makes a mistake. Here, for example, from Shadow at the Water's Edge:

The Good News: Now you know long you can hold your breath.
The Bad News: It is less time than presently required.

From the 28th ND game, this thing was removed, it was just the "You Have Made a Fatal Error" screen. In the 34th game, there will be many favorite second chances again. We're really happy because these jokes were similing :)

Indy's Cameo

The second part of the answer to the last puzzle of the weekend was a video from Indy, where she answers the question of one of the fans: "Would you ever want to get your own cameo* in Nancy Drew games?"

The author of the question got absolutely to the point, because in the Mystery of the Seven Keys game Indy WILL really have her own small cameo in the cafe, where she will order coffee from Nancy.

By the way, this is not the first time in HeR Interactive that the team inserts references to itself into games. For example, in the The Silent Spy game at Ten Raven Pub you can hear songs that the company's employees sang at one of the teambuildings 💃🏼

*Cameo is an episodic role (in a movie, theatrical production, television or radio program, video game, etc.) performed by a famous person and often not listed in the credits.

Leave No Stone Unturned

The last part of the answer to the Weekend Puzzle was a bonus video from Indy. In the video, she noted how quickly Clue Crew is coming out to solve puzzles with messages from posts before Nancy's birthday. This includes how carefully players looked at the environment and found details such as candles or books in the background.

Indy praised that the players noticed that in one of the photos in the visible area there are books from the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series under numbers 8 and 3. Together they give the number 83 - this is the number of the book that formed the basis of the future Mystery of the Seven Keys game.

We are talking about The Case of the Vanishing Veil book, in which during Nancy's presence at the wedding in Boston, she faces the breakdown of the celebration, as the thief stole the bride's old lace veil. Nancy, Bess and George have to walk from the Cape Cod mansion to the Witchcraft Museum in Salem along the path of intrigue and deception. In the book, they will have to reveal the shocking story of the wedding day draw and the mystery of the disappearing veil worth $60 million.